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Hill stations. Valleys. Rivers. Forests. Rolling lawns. Meadows. Mist. Mystical Hills. Breeze. Weather. Shivering fields. Hill stations. Start and end at the same place. Out of view is out of scope of imagination. What is beyond the hills? Nothing. Confined.

Ever played computer games where you race around town in your car, bike or monster truck? Of course you have. Played games where you hold a gun and run around killing people. Ever tried going off track in such races? Can you? Can you go off a defined ‘map’ in Counter Strike? Ever seen what lies outside the Emirates Stadium in FIFA 09? Ever tried to imagine? Still confined, aren’t we?

What’s your ‘super-hero’ like? Human? Still confined.

Try music. It sets us free. In a trance. The fifth dimension? Mere permutations and combinations. (I’d kill the person who thought of such an inference. But wouldn’t want to kill someone who speaks the truth) Have you realised how easily we manage to find solace in the smallest of things – making them appear sufficiently satisfactory to fulfil our SMALL want of “FREEDOM”? Break free into confinement.

Back to the material world. We enjoy the shore. We like the confluence of water and land. Feel free “out in the open air”. Enjoy mild winds and that soothing drizzle. Paradise is all blue and green and healthy and rich. Its still Earth. We aren’t anywhere new. Confined.

Ok, lets go the eight planet of the brighest star in the thirteenth galaxy from the milky way in the direction of Earth-Sirius. Now we’re free. NO! Confined in this universe.

Are we confined really? Or is it just our imagination?



Kids are humans with a smaller frame and a non-existent sense of right and wrong. They need to be taught everything that may make them the social animal they are born to be. But like stubborn stains stay strong, kids never learn if taught. Only hope is they learn from their mistakes (their own mistakes…because they live long enough make them all themselves). Let’s observe a litter (a collective term…for new-born’s) to a poor mother.

This bunch of kids is incapable of rational thinking. Their mind is programmed to do everything that comes to mind without second thought. And their experimental set-up is their very own mother. However, they are not as cruel as thought. They still love her.

The kids fire their mother with bullets. They throw stones at her. They stamp her. They cut through her as if she were meat. They curse her when she’s a bit under the weather. They use her as a ladder to reach something out of reach and then push her away. She is made the laughing stock at any gathering. They munch on her like rodents. They spit on her face.

Does she like it? We don’t really know. She doesn’t tolerate it. She enjoys it apparently. May be it is because whatever the kids do, they say they love her. They’ll do anything to keep her happy. And she does seem to be happy. She never says “no” to any of the kids’ demands. Always supports her kids when they go away, never expressing her sorrow and helplessness at their departure. She loves them to the core. Do they love her equally?

Incidently, its her 61st birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIA!