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Curse Me…Please…

I can’t strip a wire without reducing it to half. I want to achieve big things. I want to conduct research in one of the highly rated universities in the West. I want a profession in the field that, I think, fascinates me. I want to learn the working of the most complex IC ever made and improve on it. I want to automate everything that should move. I want to design a sensor that distinguishes between 256 colours. But wait…the bread-boards in my college always fail.

But I can’t. It is not my fault. I do not have the resources. I do not have the time. I do not have money to buy either resources or time. Whatever I don’t have, I can’t use. I can’t see. I cannot learn. My teachers cannot even teach the syllabus. I do not have a mentor to guide me. I live in a conservative society where I’m not allowed to experiment. I do not have a spoon. Who’ll feed me now?

Oh! Food! There is lots of it around. I love the food. But I’m not hungry. I don’t feel like eating now. Too many things in my stomach. Have to digest that first.

I’ll do assignments instead. And rest at home. Or may be play for a while. I’m an engineering student. I don’t have time for petty things like knowledge, fascination and interests. I have the license to run away from it all. I can blame lack of technical knowledge when my hunger is questioned. And my lack of hunger is the prime reason for lack of technical knowledge. I was told everyone is here to learn. Everyone? Me?

This was tiring. Where is the food? I’m hungry.



Computers smart enough to correct grammatical errors are a reality. Hurray! But that’s only when we ‘type’ that our ‘typos’ are corrected. But man began communicating via sounds…calls…vocals. That part still remains out of reach of computerised rectification. Did I say vocals? We make exactly the same mistakes on paper…or screen. We no longer worry about typos. It’s our early thought process that needs amends.

Remember school? Three languages to learn apart from our mother-tongue and father-tongue and brother-tongue and neighbour-tongue. English, as it turned out, was the easiest. Every language could be translated to English without much effort. Even English was translated to ‘English’ by the literati. Some examples (NO typos in the next piece of text):

Miss, outside rain is coming.

The bus didn’t came, that is why I became late.

I bought an umbrella to school.

Bell ringed.

Can I go the toilet? (Yes, son, you can…but you may not…)

(Where is your book?) Didn’t brought.

(Thank You) Welcome.

Stomach is paining.

Ok…can’t remember more of those. That was school (my school anyway) and students used to do it. Guess what! We have similar people in Engineering Colleges too. Here goes…

Give me assignments Monday. CR will keep on my table, I hope.

When I say CallMe, it will call (what?). (CallMe is a method in a JAVA program)

Put it on the table and I will see (again…what?).

Got it? (Will that do?) It Will do.

It didn’t went? (the error in my program)

You can use truss to do it. (‘it’ wasn’t defined anywhere)

‘English’ teacher: Leave a space OK, before and after a comma OK, even full-stops OK. That OK is how it’ll be will presentable. OK?

See help file. You will find. Print the page on the MATLAB.

We know that, therefore……….Therefore implies……hence…

I think that is enough. I can’t remember anymore. Lousy memory. Add some of which you’ve heard. And try making a computer that corrects this group of knowledgeable Humans.