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Did you know we work the hardest and spend the most time on things that are least important and carry the least weightage? Ah! Sweet satisfaction of professional courses. Professional! Professional? Me and my friends are in it together. Could have been me and my colleagues. Should have been. (Should’ve been’s and could’ve been’s hinder your foresight)

We recently concluded one of those things that are least important and carry the least weightage. Went through all kinds of painstaking copying-pasting-referencing. It was fun. Tried to boss my ‘associates’ around. Argued. Made piercing statements and received explosive responses. Doubted abilities. Was wrong in most cases. And happy at that. Delivered stern instructions. Received positive feedback. Expected nothing. Got a lot more. Expected something…disappointed…frustrated. Changed opinions. Framed opinions.

==for someone I know==

Voicing an opinion is a passe. Temper(ature) levels have risen. Cold wars are in vogue. (Yes they are…believe me…or I won’t talk to you.) No one is told anything more than once. No one speaks unless spoken to. How could I instruct? How could I ‘expect’ anyone to know? I’ll give you an algorithm. Can you implement it? I’ll help you in the process too. I ‘need’ help. And you are my resource. May I instruct you? May I expect you to know? I guess not.I have no problem with you not knowing. I’m disgusted with you not wanting to know. I settle on mediocrity because I’ve earned it and it’s mine. You can have the best and do things your way. But that isn’t the help I wanted. Turns out you have nothing. I have my mediocrity.


Back to my life. I had fun. My ‘colleagues’ and a few friends worked hard. We weren’t the best. But we were good. We are satisfied (although ‘someone’ wouldn’t know). Thank You ‘friends’. Might’ve had the least weightage in terms of marks. But certainly uncovered the in-difference.