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The Beast Within

The sun rose in the east
But was shadowed by the flame
That engulfed the beast
That was actively tame.

The curtains then gaped
And sunshine peeked through.
With dew the earth draped
As an eerie brightness grew.

Nor flame, nor fire no more
Neither a shadow in sight
Nor smoke, just sunshine but pure
As bright as white, as bright as light.

They’d cornered the beast,
Set it ablaze at dawn.
Couldn’t hurt it the least
And now beast was gone.

The celebrations snap
And a muted noise grew.
Heard many a shriek and gasp
But sighs were very few.

The beast flew through the air
As fear envelopedĀ  them all.
Their fear is the beasts lair.
Fear, where even the mighty fall.

“We’ll hunt it down,
Cannot afford a truce.”
Word spread around town,
The beast was on the loose.

Gathered all the mighty men,
“For well-being we shall vie,
For the people dead and fallen,
This time the beast shall die.”

They looked high and far,
Left no place untrodden.
Frightened, threw themselves ajar
And looked where they’d forgotten.

They now found the beast,
Not on trees, in caves or wells.
They now found the beast,
Within themselves it dwells.

The hunt now reached its end.
They fought the beast, armed or bare.
Brave, wouldn’t budge nor bend
And drove it out of its lair.

Relished another feast
Mighty kings and their mighty pawns.
Again, they cornered the beast
And set it ablaze at dawn.


Good Morning.

How can Juande lose his first league game (after joining Real)? I went to sleep disappointed thinking about why RVP attempted that flick… when he should’ve just put his foot through the ball (different game – Middlesbrough v/s Arsenal). Arsenal went on to lose against Liverpool as well (after I fell asleep). I woke up early next morning at 10 (Sunday standards). Read a message on my cell phone “Can you play ‘Coming back to Life’?” Hey I can do that. Tried it. Success. Life isn’t that bad afterall.

Tried a host of other songs. Could play most of them. I could do anything today. Even ‘try-to-insult’ an ardent fan of Floyd by asking ‘fan’ about some songs. Understood a Floyd song (Crazy Diamond). I could even sing in a constant key. My brain (I have one) was not being ‘normal’. It was in the ‘active’ region. An untrodden territory. May be I should focus my ‘active’ brain towards a dumb academic subject. May be not. It’s better to do non-academic stuff using this state of brain. I came up with a good line too…”The glass is always half empty. So that I can pour in some more.” And pour in some more is what I’m trying to do.

This is not limited to my dealings with Pink Floyd. I was not the usual cynical-idealist-cribber that I usually wake up to be. I could see ‘nice’ in everything. I noticed that I could move each of my ten fingers independent of each other. Not an astonishing discovery, I know. But I noticed it… today… when I could’ve just changed channels on the TV. I could feel nice about being awake, alive. I could hear songs when my sound-card (computer hardware) is dead. My memory unit (biological) threw up colourful bits and bytes.

Imagine looking into Siachen from a peak… when the fog clears up and the sun lights up a lake…

Coming back to ‘Coming back to life’, I’m led to believe that had I woken up a nanosecond later or earlier … I’d have put away the guitar… brushed my teeth and watched TV. Now that is a typical Sunday. Siachen would have been engulfed in fog.

(I cannot analyse such confused and random expressions…and that is a good thing)