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Anti-pretence ideal is a virtue in vogue. And you just can’t pretend enough to have fun and ‘smile’ at the right times. The problem is, certain situations are defined embarrassing by many persons belonging to this anti-pretence club. Nobody smiles when subject to public humiliation. And it’s a bigger problem if the subject of ‘humiliation’ is enjoying his/her situation. There is unwarranted sympathy for the ‘sufferer’. And there are precautions taken to avoid such situations. But the ‘sufferer’ isn’t pretending to enjoy. Poor thing is denied ‘fun’ because of pretend-peer-pressure. But again, this was the pretentious lot of the anti-pretence club.

Fun is defined as song and dance and laughter and games. You need to dance or pose and smile in photos to show you are having fun. But then, this is pretend fun (by definition). Refusing to participate is a ‘smart’ thing to do. And getting bored after refusing and claiming to be having better fun that way is ‘smarter’ and ‘cooler’. Timidity or shyness is a concrete reason not to participate. But expecting non-involvement by people having fun is a little too ‘shy’. But again, that is a matter of choice. You can also do a pretend participation or wait for someone to sell you out.

Coming back to embarrassment. Feeling all silly once in a while is an excellent way to charge up your ‘sane batteries’. You know you are much more cool, calm, collected, and thought of as a sane person. And then you are made to feel like a half naked man at the north pole. such moments are rare for a coolly composed person and should be thoroughly enjoyed. Should be? No no. This is not a should-do-list. Just a suggestion. You can choose to sit calmly and be all formal and try to hide all of the silliness you possess in front of complete strangers. Strangers who’d not remember you after exactly 3 minutes and 25 seconds of driving.

Regret can be defined as the want to go back in time and feel silly when you decided to preserve unnoticed dignity. And it indeed is fun to dance and pose when asked by people having non-pretentious fun (now that is what I’ve learnt).



Three circles and a dot
Swing about
From a hook-fastened thread.
Nothing ahead
Or behind. Bounded dot…
And circles about.
A corneal glance and
On turn all sniper visions.
A target…no…a dot
And circles about…
No…a target.
“Get your guns, set…
Fire the dot
And circles about.”
Amusing…with every wave
Of perforating pelts,
Swinging decelerates out
Of fear of shots.
Hanging in? No…hanging
With punch holes in
Lieu of the dot
And circles about.
A silent target, still
As air and earth,
With a punched out heart.
The dot would still beat,
But the circles were torn.
Tattered target tries
To swing. Yelps and cries
In pain. Moves about
In circles, no dot.
“Look, a swinging target
Get your guns…Set…!”