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Drenched in moonlight
As I lie on my bed,
As Bono sings to glory,
A song hits my head.

With plugged ears I lie,
Sit up and grab a book,
As ‘desperado’ is asked to love,
Towards dark moonlight I look.

Try to see in the moonlight
And wait for the next song.
When mild strums sound
With a deep voice to go along.

Cannot see ‘coz of near sight.
Hold my book and lie down.
Was getting better, it was,
With a soothing ‘One’ on.

I cannot sing I know
But those songs and the moon
Made beauty out of an ugly voice.
I sang in key, I sang in tune.

I stared slowly accross the sky,
As orgasmic tunes were pumped into me.
Waiting for song after song,
Wishing it were my guitar and me.

After a long day and night
I hit my bed to sleep.
But those songs and the moon
pushed me out, pushed me deep.

With heavy eyes I wait
For more songs to flow.

Only to see the sun rise
With my ears still plugged
And songs still flowing through.


This was written at 2 in the night. I don’t know if it even makes sense. I was listening to songs as I tried to sleep. I saw the moon high in the sky (big window I have). It rhymes. You can guess some of the songs I was listening to. Abrupt end is because I fell asleep, and wrote last three lines in the morning. 😛