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Neural Voltage Variations

Originality can be either a fine blend of all influences or a complete exclusion of used ideas, where the former threatens to eliminate variety and variety threatens to eliminate the latter.

Giving up something that you are (not) good at shows how desperately you want to be good at something.

Law of conservation of EVERYTHING holds.

I can persuade a million people. But they cannot return the favour.

The Sun doesn’t rise because it never bows down.

Impossibility is a matter of timing.

When bending a note, you always come back to the original note irrespective of what you want. Not the case with a slide.

Giving can be interpreted as charity. Lending means an incurred debt. Paying means expecting a return in some form. Then what do you do with all the ‘Compliments’?

Unconventionalism is convention.

Garfield has an ‘Odie’ and a ‘Jon’. Not everyone can be a lazy sadist.

New words are like shiny wrappers. They can sell old ideas.

The politician uses a ‘ruler’ to measure how far he will go.

I’ve been awake forever. Until I woke up with a start.


If Reading Redeemed…

“Mr. GRE!” I’ve been accused. On public domain. And I wasn’t sure if I had the right or the right argument to stand up for myself against this blatant accusation. I still aren’t. “They’ll teach me.” I said. “Wait for a few months.” I hadn’t taken offence, because I did not know what to take offence to.

Me, of all things protoplasmic, have a few other protoplasmic things around. And for quite some time, there was, and is still, a heavy word doing the rounds of lips, tongues and chat-boxes of these organisms. ‘Redemption’ is gushing through every nerve in the brain (there aren’t any) of a few intelligible things. Things that tend to think that all of their life has been nothing but a mindless routine focussed at channelising their intelligence, hunger, knowledge, imagination and skills. Although most of them do not fully accept that it isn’t entirely the way they think it is, it is true for most. And a redemption-drive has started within every walled city of thoughts. Unfinished business being resumed. Getting back to academic successes lost during the ‘Under-grad transition’.To-be-done-lists revised. Un-channelised co-academic fun being recovered from academic marsh-lands, like the city. Robotics tickled. Quiz clubs regularised. Football regularised. Music revived. Blogs updated.

To be completely honest, it has been rather scary witnessing this simple word (I know the meaning, I am Mr. GRE) induce tons and cubic miles of drive and motivation into mortals. Redemption is often masked by a more general visual. But I will never consider ‘boredom’ to cause such increase in ‘want’ of doing something. It is also argued that some things need to be done, regardless of ‘want’. May be. And ‘redemption’ is not used generally in conversation, apart from people who have fully accepted their exaggerated deficiencies. But it is at the back of every mind.

And me? I have bought a guitar, joined some tuition-class and am working with seven others on a magazine.There are a lot of things I could’ve done, and probably should’ve done, like tickle silicon, go to Vasai, read tenth standard grammar or watch movies for starters.  But a sort of nothingness fills me.  Nothing has been done for such a long time.  But did I ever want to do the things I claim?

I fail to find my drive, which I suppose, ran out a few weeks back. And suddenly Mr. GRE does not have any other word or phrase to completely describe his ‘neural-network’, or rather, the void that has replaced it. I fail to stimulate the uprising in my head. Redemption holds no meaning. Or may be a meaning too complicated to comprehend.

Redemption from what? I’ll teach me. Wait for a few months.