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Do Not Litter.

Have a cup of coffee instead. Wake yourself up to a sunny morning and drag yourself to work. Before that, wash the coffee mug to get rid of any evidence of your attempt to awaken. Sleeping at work wouldn’t be so bad with the guilt washed away. Even murder is condoned with the guilt washed away.

Idealism is a travesty. It is mocked and mimicked by its followers and critics alike. Compromised idealism is an irony in itself. It is like soporific coffee. Followers follow it to oppose it. Faults and cracks are induced in an already porous rock of ideals.

And there are rules to idealist theory. Conditions to be met to satisfy idealist theory. Examples aplenty, like, lack of coffee accounting to sleeping at work.

Punching holes in a mindset to mollify greater demands of society has always been a trait of progress. Present-day idealism must also have been evolved out of this tendency in evolution. But in the present inertial frame, some instances are arbitrarily declared ideal and all others otherwise. And in this haphazard scheme of development, a few axioms (derived over the past few weeks after much deliberation) tend to justify our struggle to attain the ultimate complexity:

Anything that is not wrong is right.
Nothing matters in the end though.
End product, not effort, counts.
Means to get the end product is never important, since anything that is not wrong is right.

Remember: Spitting on the road is okay, but please do not litter.


“Learning is what remains when knowledge is lost. Wisdom is just a farce.”