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Porcelain and Pottery

The Electric Guitar is a glamour instrument. It is more of Ronaldinho than Iniesta, Torres than Benayoun, lead guitar than bass. As cliched as it may sound, there is a soul to every song. Every piece of music has something which holds it together. Bass is like a yellow wash given to canvas before starting a potential masterpiece. Bass is what keeps our ears entertained when ‘lead’ instruments are showing off their prowesses. Like gaajar in kaju-baadaam-pista rich gaajar ka halwa.

But it is not bass we are talking about. It is the things we do not talk about much. We have so much glamour surrounding us these days. It is a cool thing to tweet our ‘quotes’. And quote our tweets. So much of our thought processes are directed towards attracting attention. No, not blunt attention to ourselves, but attention to sell ourselves, market ourselves. To let the world know of our skills and complexity of thought. A ‘typepad’ blogger pretty much states the obvious, the obvious that is overlooked by hundreds, and goes on to become a well followed person. Irony being, common sense too is being marketed and sold. Smart, I tell you, considering increasing demand leads to increased sales.

Glamour, as phrased here is not fame or money. It is mere acknowledgment of things. It pays to get noticed. How else would you explain hoardings that belong to companies whose Zoozoo ads pop up every 18 seconds? And there is a Facebook and MySpace page for every entity, abstract or otherwise. And it is fun to reject every invitation to these pages.

As addled as it may sound,  with all the glamour and bass talk, the point of the matter is that we pay too much attention to what is seen, heard and noticed. And with all the attention comes criticism. And because of lack of basic knowledge of working and structure, we tend to believe what is told to us – sold to us. It is difficult to criticise something that is difficult to understand and master. There is no such thing as a bad bharatnatyam dancer or a bad piece of carnatic music or a below-average Shakespearean play.

With all the attention to portraying something as cool, the warmth is lost. And with a shiny wrapper to hide the deep hollow, things feel patchy with time. Sound is noise and music is not as sound. Glamour needs substance as much as pure skill needs pure genius, as much as a song needs bass.


The Sarcasmist, The Hypocrite and The Egotistic Lier.

The lier said,
“I shall not go to war against Cartland. Although I do have the resources and the man power. I have worked hard to achieve what I have. And I am not surprised at myself. It comes naturally to me. And of course, I am a peace-loving person. I shall not hurt hundreds of innocent lads and lasses for the sake of power. I am above all of this uncalled-for senselessness. I shall continue to control my own domain and give a hoot about Cartland and its habitants.”

The hypocrite said,
“I am a peace-loving ruler of a noble state. I am not prepared for war. I never will be. I disapprove of this cannibalistic behaviour. I’d rather have a united human habitation where peace prevails and nobody is competing with anyone. I shall strive to nurture my inherited ideals of tolerance and patience. I am never tempted to denigrate any person, let alone an entire kingdom. I shall continue to encourage disarmament. Cartland is safe from an incompetent me.”

The sarcasmist said,
“Cartland is my native. I have every right to conquer it. I’ll be doing it for the fast cars they drive. I don’t need weapons. I have a birth right to rule over Cartland.”

In the end, you really cannot tell what any of them mean when they say something, you cannot tell if any of them mean what they say. In the end, only the sarcasmist did not  lay siege over Cartland. Cartland was indeed his native.


Sleep, middle of a shaky bridge
Violent winds, swaying bridge
Safer ends, river, joining bridge
Weak, creaky, rickety bridge.

One end, reality, troubles, life
Abundance, people, opportunity, life
People, love, people, hatred, life
Unrewarding, yet driven, life.

Other end, heaven, haven, dream
Blue, green, rich, cool dream
Superficial, deep, calm dream
People, hearts, no faces nor minds, dream.

Sleep, tunneled, sturdy bridge
Calm, serene, zephyr, high bridge
Both ends far, pretty, safe bridge
Unbiased, above all, fair, just (a) bridge.

One end, real, nice, hard life
Full, endowed, lonesome life
Emotion, wastage, irrelevant life
Falling bridge, preferred side – life?

Other end, dark, gray dream
Disappointment, fulfillment, dream
False, hopeful, expectant dream
Hollow, empty, illusionist dream.



an hour past midnight… no metaphors…apart from the obvious one…