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A Business Idea

Me: Have you played GTA?

YG:  Yes, one of the few games that I really liked.

Me: Yes, same here. Picture this – is it humanly possible to make Mumbai into one of those cities? GTA – Mumbai? With the level of attention to details they put up. Would you like to play in Mumbai?
Riding locals
Slums and the glorious buildings
The docks
The National Park
The beaches

YG: Oh shit! that would be fucking amazing.

Me: Yes! Even up to Bandra will do; with the details.

YG: (laughs) I am imagining.

Me: Yes I was too. Looking at Google Maps – Mumbai…

The stadiums, Oval maidaan,
Metro junction,
Shivaji park,
Nariman Point,
Sassoon docks,
Indira docks,
Flora Fountain,
Grant Road,
Colaba Causeway

YG: Kamatipura

Me: Fort
Ballard Estate
Arthur Road Jail
Stock Exchange
Kala Ghoda
Police Headquarters
and with stories from Shantaram, imagine the missions and tasks and mafia and survival.
Properties, safe houses, hotels, parks, lust,greed,cars,roads, morality.Radio channels in cars, boats,planes.

YG: This can be a great business idea.

Me: And, street view is reality; shouldn’t be hard to develop the maps accurately. And the storyline is there!
everything is just there!
and consumer satisfaction, compared to San Andreas and Vice City, Mumbai is a milion times more exciting, even for an average citizen like me.
Dadar Stataion
Crawford Market
The Taj
The Gateway
Political hostels and offices
Vidhan Sabha
Bal Thackery
The Race Course
Mills and chawls
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
Malls and tapris
Sidewalk encroachments
Track Hutments
Nehru Science Centre
Cuffe Parade
Tulsipipe Road
Andheri Kurla Road
Monorail in the city
Metro in the suburbs
Mahakali caves
Kanheri caves

YG: (grins) I am taking this up. Will try to develop!

Me: It is so bloody inspiring. Why wouldn’t anyone on earth not want to live in this city?
Frankly, I wouldn’t mind starting from slums in Malad and dream of upgrading to chawls in Dadar.’Real Mumbai’ simply cannot be defined; and, all this as imagined as a game -GTA.Going further ahead, why would anyone leave this place? America is boring, so is Europe.Vice City was simply too civilised and clean.

YG: (laughs)

Me: Gangster stories are hyped…

YG: (laughs)

Me: The Mayor’s Bungalow, Matoshree
JVPD and Marine Drive
Hiranandani and Malabar Hill
Not one place where there is no petrol available
or there are no Parle G packs
Every municipal school has a private-aided school in its vicinity
Women are safe on 1:40 ki last local;
women travel on that local;
there is a local at that time!
You are never lost in this city; you can reach home from absolutely anywhere. No area is dark, even if there are no street lights
There is a free square foot of space for every 80000 Rupee square foot.

YG: (shows tongue) You could make a post out of this if you know!

Me: I intend to (shows tongue)

I will stop now. There is no way I can describe this city. All I have done is take names of few places and pointed out to the obvious.

Please write mini posts in the comments section and tell me more about this city I want to love.


Grumpy Old Lady

Attention seeking little tramps scour the globe in search of seclusion, don’t they? No, not really. Going around town sticking one’s necks out and grunting like Maria is a tried and tested method. Pretence of superiority is another. However, a little known and practised way is to sit quietly and wait for a chance to demand attention when a potential donor least wants to give it. Just like Tottenham Hotspur winning a match. It is the next big thing. Spring like a sting-ray.

“I want attention and I want it now. I will throw a tantrum now and here. I will criticise and I will condemn. I will insult and I will curse. If you don’t respond to me right now, irrespective of me addressing you, I will shout out at you. I will walk home and let the world know about it on Twitter.  I will tell my mommy.”

It is very difficult to be a professional attention seeker. Imagine the strategies that go into the making of a top class professional. The timing considerations in loud comments, positional intelligence during serious discussions, physical fitness in cases of walk-offs, mental fitness to tolerate failure and a sweet and caring mother to fulfill every need. All this and still there is a need of a perennial hunger for attention and lack of satisfaction after moments of success.

There are various genres of attention seeking. There is this ‘I am a girl and Miss Venezuela isn’t as beautiful as me’. Then there is ‘I will give my assignment to the teacher first thing in the morning’. Younger children have ‘Buy me things else I sit on the road’. Older children say ‘I am too cool for this world; I’d better kill myself’. Manly men say ‘I can match women in every aspect of life’. Womanly men say ‘I am a woman in every aspect of life’. Babies have the most innocent and effective way to attract attention; they cry. I am a grumpy old lady.

Investors in my field are very few. So I need to make the most of what I got. I am like a polar bear in search of a mate. There are far too less polar bears around and the ice is melting. Have to procreate every chance I get. And probably maintain a balanced population of attention seekers and attention givers.