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Tongued out

The tongue is the most hard working muscle of the body. There are times when it seeks some reward for unconditional service. It does not demand for them. It merely appreciates it. Try letting it have that reward.

The tongue lives happily in a stinky and over-worked mouth. It helps the mouth to blabber all the nonsense it receives from the brain. It makes it easier to roll the Rs and waddle with Ws. But that is not its most important function.

Taste is one of the most pleasurable of all the five senses. (If you haven’t had a pervert thought until now, keep it up. This is all clean.) We all seek to satiate our senses mainly through eating. And needless to say, the tongue enjoys this activity as much as any. It is so enthusiastic about tasting that it has organised sectors for different tastes. It has rugged buds to survive everything that falls on them. It is firmly rooted and yet more agile than most muscles of the body. It keeps itself clean and soft. It keeps its home clean. It is the strongest muscle and yet the most gentle on food. It is selfless in conveying every piece of taste information to the mind.

Still it is subject to atrocities. We all drink off-the-burner tea. We eat sizzling hot macaroni. We eat desiccating nuts. We eat prickly pineapples. The tongue still is happy and loves to do its job in tasting these. Then we go ahead and lick adhesives. Poke it with forks. Metal tongue cleaners simply sweep out old taste buds. And yet the tongue is still on duty. It serves when we eat the most spicy of peppers or the sweetest of misti. The bitterest of karela or the sourest of lemons. But like every person who has interests and tastes in life, every tongue has interests in tastes of certain things.

A laborer who works in the quarry seeks a cup of hot tea after a day’s shift. Nobody would want to come around and spill that cup of tea. It is like a reward he receives at the end of a day. Similarly, the tongue usually finds pleasure in certain tastes. It can be happy all through the day over it. Drinking coffee and letting it be after that; it is like a reward that I may give my tongue for letting me enjoy everything I eat. I would not want to ruin the feeling my tongue has by eating a medicine flavoured piece of sponge or an overly sugary muffin.


Finicky Cynic

I like listing things that are not related. I like poems like “If I were a cloud…”. Sadly, I’d not want to be a cloud. What would I do up there where everything looks blue and green? It would be flawless. I don’t like that. So let’s keep me aside. I like to butt in from the side. I also like to ask questions that are not related to each other or anything for that matter.

The perpetually running dictionary on my phone is now exited. Who uses dictionaries on phones anyway? Geeks? Geeks are cool. They enjoy technology without being ashamed of it. Like those Intel people. The Geek letter ‘i’ represents personalisation.

You know how insurance works? Many people pay some ‘keeper’ money at regular intervals. Later, of these many people, very few will need that money urgently. So, after a few years, when something comes up, a big sum from this very big collection is given to a needing person. Nice concept. Very logical and quantised concept. A homomorphic concept is ‘karma’.

There was a very rare piece of happiness recently when I was let off the hook for a presentation and allowed to use my phone dictionary. They are nice people. I know many very nice people. They help and all. I don’t know how they live. Who in their right state of mind helps? Preposterous. Evil sadists, take note.

A gazelle who helps a small rabbit over a fallen tree will eventually be attacked by a pack of hyenas.

Humility is another strange concept. I have been raving about Golda Meir for a while. She said, I don’t paraphrase, don’t be humble, you are not that great. Counter that if you can.

Saving for a rainy day does not mean saving because you know it will rain next week. Buy an umbrella. If I were a cloud, I’d definitely want to rain on you.