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The Minimalist

Isn’t minimalism a strange concept? Why does so much detail, so many redundancies, so much wastage exist? Do we do a good job handling all of these? Would it not be easier if we did not have to manage all of this? Why did we bring them upon us in the first place? How difficult is it to keep everything to a minimum? How do we define that minimum?

Do we need a desktop and a laptop and an iPod and an mp3-smart-phone? Do we need so many sets of clothes? Do we need so many networking site IDs? Do we have so many friends? Do we need so many friends? Why do irrelevant thoughts exist? Can we think and remember so much? Is it required that we think and remember so much?

Did Khader Khan hit the nail on the head when he explained the concept of the ‘ultimate complexity’ to Lin? Isn’t minimalism one way to prolong the life of the universe?