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Poets and Plays

It is cloudy today; as the curtains are drawn on the stage in a way;
The Audience will be kept at bay, kept away from the play.

Tired and soiled, a few marred, a few spoiled, the actors seek to cleanse;
They look at the drawn curtains, queered, almost shedding the pretense.

The playwrights, the critics, the directors cut loose from the mundane;
Losing themselves in thought, hoping and praying for the rain.

A drizzle, a shower, a blizzard will flush the stage today;
The acting stops, the scripts turn real; it is life, no more a play.

It is cloudy, poets scamper in this change of weather;
Trying to hold the pour, until they find their quill feather.

Words and phrases, metaphors and puns dance about in their heads;
Overcome with joy, is it true? Is it a dream? They roll in their beds.

With their scrolls, the papyrus and pens, they sit and they unwind;
For the downpour may dissolve the papyrus, but leave a poem behind.

The poets seemingly ordain the gentle, cleansing, hallowing rain;
With the vile masked by the cascade, the world is poetic again.


It was cloudy today. There are no references to people. *The disclaimer*. Enjoy.