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Dit and Dat

This is a typing test. I have become very slow in typing. I have to improve my typing speed. I am making several mistakes and really should improve the co-ordination between both my hands. Typing is supposed to come as second nature. But in reality, it requires too much practice. It is not easy to co-ordinate the two hands and their fingers.

Typing is becoming boring and mundane because of lack of serious matter to be typed. Lecturing online is only making it worse. Too many ideas and a limited typing speed don’t really help the cause. Most words are shortened and some are not even typed.

Sometimes, speed comes at the cost of accuracy. And vice versa. That is why starting slowly until fingers are warmed up is a good idea. However, once a slow rhythm is established, the entire segment goes slow. This is heavily undesirable. One way to avert it is to time the paragraph. Or keep a typing speed widget on the side.

I have been looking at typing videos on YouTube and it is amazing how committed people are towards their keyboards. It is this sort of commitment that is required for success in any field. Mindless chatting and typing in chat windows without attention to accuracy is detrimental to the activity.

The good part about typing is that it can be learnt, forgotten and re-learnt. And it can be done for all kinds of keyboard layouts. It is fun to not only train a part of your body to do a specific task, but also try out multitaking at the very basic level of concentration. The process of thinking and typing is rather fun. It is difficult to match the speed of thinking and typing. Also, since thinkng and typing both require a certain amount of thinking, the time sharing done by the brain is quite marvellous. With enough continuous practice, it is possible to not think about typing. This helps a lot because once mentally disconnected from typing, more brain time is given to thinking. At the same time, since thinking increases, it is difficult to keep up the typing speed with the thinking throughput. It is a conundrum most pipelined processors face. Another factor is, once typing becomes only a physical activity, the brain may now think of two independent things. Multitasking increases while keeping throughput of both processes lower. This is a more efficient means of processing.

The speed of typing comes down to the speed of moving fingers. Believe it or not, heavier fingers mean stronger fingers which mean faster typing. It is the same for playing guitar. Stronger the fingers, faster the playing. Also, since every key stroke is sure and hard, there is a more efficient output. No letters are missed out, even if they are, it is because of the thinking-typing speed clashes. Learning the keyboard layout is the first step. There is always a set speed at which you can start typing. You can use the standardised finger positions or you can invent your own. As long as the layout and the finger positions don’t change, the speed is not affected much. Accuracy might be owing to lack of concentration or unresponsive brain signals. Otherwise it really is constant.

It is not necessary to be objective or re-productive whilst typing. Creativity can also be expressed in typing. There are ASCII artists and then there are programmers whose life depends on typing and being creative. As said before, typing should be second nature in this computer driven world. Typing faster than writing is like ‘lol’ing harder than laughing. It is required to stay connected and in the loop while being human with normal social contact.

Call me a geek but I did install a gadget on my Windows 7 that measures typing speed. There is no accuracy meter though. Will get around to making one which will include backspace strokes too. There will certainly be a sequel to this when certain opinions and ideas gain ground or change. Also, this indeed was a typing test. Its verbosity is because I needed a typing test.