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Eggs and Bread

Can effort be quantified? How desirable is it to spend a little more to avoid a little effort? How much more? Let’s say a little more is spent to avoid a little effort. Is the saved effort used to replenish the little spent? Is it desirable to quantify effort? Rather spend and acquire material happiness (and a little health and discipline probably.) Save 2 dollars in Walmart and take 20 printouts honestly.

Yes, I talk in dollars now. Wide roads have an inherent disadvantage that it is too far to cross without making sure cars in both directions are at the least in the other city. Presence of roads, on the other hand, makes it even difficult to walk on and across them. Cars are needed to go to the grocers, retailers and the other room. And cars need gas. Irony is taking a free bus ride to a nearby expensive store to save effort when cheap store is also a free bus ride away. Nukkads are just poles with traffic lights on them. Pan ki dukaans sell coffee for close to 120 rupees. Wheat bread is expensive and frozen chapatis are platinum. We really do need to save those two dollars.

I have had a large phase shift in my staple diet. I can make around 10 types of egg-containing dishes and have already eaten 4 types of bread. But good ol’ aloo and chawal have not lost their original form factor. Fried rice is probably the best way to discard unwanted left-over and hardened rice in our stomachs. I forgot to buy straws long enough to draw oil to wash down dry rice, bhurji and bread. On the healthier side, chocolate, coffee and tea always find their way into double sized mugs. Brown bread is the new chapati and rice is white. Occasional honey and milk with Bournvita keeps up the Calcium levels if egg wasn’t enough in the day. With this unhealthy exaggeration and healthy consciousness, I sign off to make today’s supper super.