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Hungry Kya?

There was (is?) a time when you would not eat a certain piece of pie because you were afraid of what people will say. But now, you will not eat for several other reasons. Have you not been eating for any reason (and being ridiculously stupid in the process)?

Did you not eat because your comforter was too, well, comfortable? Did the over-cooled room make it even more difficult? Was the heavy rain and thunder over-noising your stomach? Did you leave the Rajmah for the army of roaches to devour?

Was there no onion at home? Was that the reason you didn’t make your omelette? Was there no knife to chop the onion? Was the knife simply unwashed from a previous onion-cutting? Or was it too washed to be stripped of its pristine beauty?

Was the kitchen too far away from the computer? And the laptop too heavy to take to the counter? No empty chair in the kitchen to place the laptop on?

Was running a compile for the thirteenth time more important than nutrition, especially after knowing that the result will not be changing (no matter how strongly you hoped it would)?

Was making tea really so much more tempting after having only a bowl of cereal in more than a day? Six tea-spoons of sugar in boiling water is obviously more filling than a couple of chapatis with dal, but it probably hurts the chapatis’ feelings and leaves the dal with a bitter taste.

Spending two dollars on delivery charges for a ten dollar pizza is bad. But worse still is the minute you spend talking to the pizza people on the phone, and worst of all, clicking on stuff on the online order menu. Bread and jam for din-fast it is.

Din-fast is funny because on days when brunch happens at midnight, din-fast is what keeps you alive through the evenings filled with homework and mundane distractions like hunger. Also, evening tea early in the morning is quite the refreshing break from our routines that keeps you going.

May be skipping lunch to pack-up for the summer is okay, especially if make-up lunch is a burrito bowl home delivered. Also warranted is no-food evening for a blog update.