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My Sweet V6

So! Great to have you back! It’s nice of you to turn up and it feels great to be here on this Friday night! I figured there is nothing wrong with opening a blog post like them performance artists. So here I am, willing to whine, as you dine, and while some time trying to rhyme.

So let’s get straight to it. I am one of those people who show off every bit of textual trivia they learnt in school as a child. I made it a point to remember that information, not because I was required to show it off in an examination, but so that I could show it off ten years later. And I am somewhat of a snob when it comes to it. I am happy when certain phenomena can be explained with simple high-school physics, or when I manage to debunk a common dietary misconception by sounding right. I worship theory and a text-book is my temple. I have a preposterous belief in evolution too. I accept the meteor-dinosaur story and accept the fossil fuel formation theory. Naturally, I know that fossil fuels are limited. Unless large forests and rock gardens are buried under volcanic vomit again. But that does not seem likely since 2012 was classified as fiction.

I have spent long hours in grad school discussing matters of little relevance to the project due that midnight. And I still get to do that, waiting for gigabytes of code to compile. And one such subject came to my mind just before I thought of the title. It was time travel. Einstein was not a genius. He was just the physicists’ equivalent of the ultimate hipster. You know; doing stuff before it was cool and all that. Anyway, time travel: we thought that if we could accelerate this teacher I had at the speed of light to a distance of five light-minutes, she could travel to the past and see herself being clueless about what electromagnetic waves meant. Then I thought, what brought up time-travel anyway? I had seen a “forever alone” meme based on the Voyager. The Voyager was leaving our solar system. It was one light-day away from us. So we thought if we asked it to click a picture of us, which finger would it show us, how long will it take the image of the finger to reach us etc. And thus began some Youtubing for inspirational space exploration, and I stumbled upon this video on Moonshot Thinking.

Apparently some fellow told a nation that ‘they’ will put a man on the moon. And ‘they’ asked him if he was out of his mind. They didn’t know how to put a man on the moon. They could barely fly for more than a few hours. They had nothing, not even Google, to teach them how. But as we know, there have been men on the moon. They figured out how to fly, and how to fly into outer space and how to fly to the moon. They used fossil fuels, FYI. But the point is they got it done. Inspirational! And at this point, I had to go to Facebook to, you know, to unblow my blown mind. And I saw a share about a windmill that did not have any moving blades. Some charged particles vibrate and give free electrical energy. Who needs fossil fuels, right? But Youtubing inspiring renewable energy sources didn’t throw up many results, and none as well made as the likes of Moonshot Thinking.

And this is when I thought of the title. We have enough petrol and coal for this generation, and probably for the next. So we are trying to prolong the life of fossil fuels (see irony?) We do not really need to try too hard for renewable energy. Although we have come very very far. We reached the moon because we started as underdogs against nature, against science. And we, well, ‘they’ thrust a man to the moon. When we started towards the moon, we had nothing. And that makes for so many heart warming Youtube videos. We need to get back to that state to solve our energy crisis. We need to have nothing. We need to bring out our true nature of discovery and exploration. We need to inspire the next generation to harness the power of nature and sustain it in the absence of apocalyptic eruptions and ice ages. And we as a people need to work towards reaching that state of apathy and lost hope. So bring out your Humvees and top up that Avendator. I’ll see you at the Energy Conference with my super, sweet V6.