…people bustling…trees rustling…


The USB should take up the “Connecting People” tagline now that Nokia is ancient history. Ancient history; we will find fossils of these devices millions of years from now. A Nokia cannot be destroyed. The Internet will attest to that.

The USB is universal indeed. On the panel to my right, there are five electrical outlets. The American, the UK, the European, the Japanese and the Universal. Serial Bus. I thought the European and the UK were the same. Anyway, all I’m really using it for is charging my Android phone. Android phones mostly use public standards.

Public standards are wonderful. The public’s standards should reflect this. Standards always work, regardless of enhancements and deviations. Standards are tolerant, neutral and secular. They let you do your thing and all they ask for in return is compatibility. People need standards.

What are standards really? A set of guidelines agreed upon by most people to facilitate harmonious co-existence. Like the USB.

Universal. Simple. Beautiful.


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