…people bustling…trees rustling…


I have a number of problems.

First, I am lazy and extremely good at procrastinating. Right now I am convincing myself that making lists and lists of lists is a very good idea to be organized and efficient. I am spending so much time in planning and making lists that I am never going to get any of things on the lists done. Every time I open a cabinet to clear, I end up making tea. All my attempts to clean the sink have resulted in “let me check my phone before I get my hands wet.”

The other problem is that I hardly ever write by hand, on paper, with a pen. I spent a few hours looking for my notebook and my notepad, and a pen. I found them, so obviously I spent some time choosing between the book and the pad. I find that it is much neater and convenient to use typed notes and lists, though.

Thirdly, I can’t make lists or take notes during a dish-washing or laundry folding activity. Wet hands make bad writers, and terrible typists. Kitchen towels smell. So I must make all lists before commencing the associated activity. This is highly inefficient because real-time updates are necessary for these lists to be functional. Otherwise they’re just a procrastination trick.


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